Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hi there!! I just wanted to show You some things I have been making! I have some craft shows coming up for the holidays and have been trying to get moving! :O)
This is a box I created with Close to My Heart papers. Avonlea to be exact! The flowers are an awesome new technique I learned recently!
Here is another Avonlea box. I am so in love with these embellishments!!
This is a close up of the flowers! Easy to make,and I Love the way they come out!
Next,is one of the CTMH bracket frames! So fun and easy to make! If You have the cricut AP collection,cutting this shape is a piece of cake! This was made with the La Belle Vie papers.

And another box,also made with the La Belle Vie papers! I have a couple more things,but I am going to wait until My next blog! So stay tuned!! Thanks so much for looking!!

If any of these papers or the frame interest You,please click the 'Shop with Me' link above. It makes it super easy to go to My website! Have a Great Day!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Triple stamped card with distressed leaves...

This card I made today was inspired by the triple time stamping technique. And I got the idea for the leaves from a tutorial I had seen about flowers... let Me explain the leaves first. I cut them all using the CTMH artiste cricut cartridge,and then inked them to add dimension. Then I took one of our spray pens,filled it with water,and sprayed each one. Crushed each leaf in My hand,and then unfolded them and shaped as I liked. I am Really happy with the result! The card,was something I had seen awhile back,called triple time stamping. What I did was cut a mat at 5x5,same size as the card,and the base at 4&3/4x4&3/4. Next mat 4x4, base 3&3/4 by 3&3/4,and finally the last mat was 3x3,base 2&3/4 by 2&3/4. line up base pieces(You can use a small bit of adhesive,I used tombow,to keep from slipping) Then take Your stamp,and stamp over all 3. It will most likely leave a small gap between papers which is ideal! Then glue all together,and voila! I thought it needed more,so after adding a leaf and a button,I used some of the CTMH almond glitter glitz,which really brought it all together! Thanks for reading!! Here are a couple more up close and personal pics!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello!! It has been way too long! CTMH Convention,part1!

Hi there! I am sorry that I have been such a slacker! I wanted to give a recap of My Close to My Heart Convention experience!
Here We go...rewind back to July 10th,2012...
 So there I am,leaving the house at 9 am,Thank You Carmen for picking Me up!! We decide to drive about 2 1/2 hours to the Wilkes Barre/Scranton airport in PA. It was about 100+ dollars cheaper to fly from there. And for me,I like to save money! Also,We had the beauty of saving parking fees! Loved it! It honestly was the best thing We did! So ok,get to the airport...all is well,check bags,get a bite to eat. Go through security... All of a sudden... "Passengers on United airways flight blah blah blah has just been cancelled. Please go back to the check in counter for further insructions"... Carmen and I look at each other...WHAT?!?!  Soooo We go back(Her Mom,Nan,and Sam are still there like wth?) Wait on line of course... and they say it is a weather related cancellation! They re-route us to Chicago... 3 hours later.. Ughhh!! So We send Carmen's Mom,Nan and Sam on their way... I say,let's go to the bar! We get there and the bartender proceeds to tell us that there was a fire in a tower at the Newark airport..(Weather related?? They have now lied to us!) We have a few more drinks,and go back through security,and finally board the plane. Yeah...bus on wheels?? 50 passengers...I gotta say I am a little scared here! We do make it to Chicago Ohare,and realize,this is a BIG airport!! Sitting on the tarmac... They decide there are no gates available! AHHH!!! 45 minutes later... We finally find a gate. So we now realize we must hustle to the next gate! Get there,and have about,idk, a half hour till we board. Ahhhh... ready?? here goes the announcement... " The flight to Dallas is delayed about 2 and a half hours"... WHAT??  Long story short,We were supposed to arrive at 8:30pm...Didn't arrive till 2 am!!! The only good thing was,We found Sandy!! And 3 other girls who arrived at the same time. Saved on taxi! Checked into hotel at 3 am! Craaaazzy day!!! To be continued...

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bad Blogger...

Hi Everyone!! Just a quick entry today to let You know I am a bad blogger! I was all over it at first,and have been slacking!! I have been busy with a couple of craft shows I did and Close to My Heart shows as well! So that is good. I am going on vacation soon,so not sure when I will write an actual blog!! I will be back with pictures and such real soon. Thanks for understanding!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Scrapbook page,sneak peek into the new catalog!

So,I designed this page yesterday and thanks to My Close to My Heart AP cricut cartridge,it was fairly easy! FYI,the paper is from the NEW Spring/Summer CTMH catalog! I hope You like it!

Here is a close-up of the bottom flower,one of 6 on the AP Cart! This thing is awesome! Also,the smaller flowers are cricut cut,and I used one of the new stamp sets to stamp them! Many of Our stamp sets are compatible with this cartridge!

Here is a close-up of the other flower,cricut cut with the AP and double stamped,which is SO easy to do with the clear stamps!! Also,the shiny stuff is Liquid glass,which I have become obsessed with! Not to mention it Rocks as an adhesive! I used it on the cricut flower,and button on this flower!

Hope You like!! For these and all of our FABULOUS Products,check out My website!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Close to My Heart Art Philosophy Cart is the BEST!!

 OMG,what a deal... There are SO many things You can do with this cartridge!! I have a feeling it wont be leaving My cricut anytime soon! Not to mention the 3 awesome stamp sets,and dimensional elements that coordinate with this! All part of the package! Pics of what I create are soon to follow so stay tuned!
  I also wanted to mention,the Fall/Winter CTMH catalog is ending January 31st...If there is something You Loved,order today! Don't forget to get Your Rock the block deal...I got mine today too! It's the coolest thing!! I will post pics when i make something with it!

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's here!!!! So excited!!!

Hello all! Happy Friday!! It was for Me since My Cricut came finally!! I swear it seemed forever!! Got a couple of cartridges,but I am still anxiously awaiting My CTMH cart!! Then I will be able to cut out and stamp a ton of stuff that coordinate together!! WooHoo!! I know,I am a geek. But I LOVE this stuff! Anyone who has one can relate! I am so Happy!! Who knows what I will create! I made a couple of cow wall hangings for My son's room. The possibilities are endless!! Ok,I'll stop! Stay tuned for lots of pics to come! Here "she" is! I took this mid-cut...hehehe
Happy Cutting everyone!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Still waiting! So I made a Pretty Box!

 Hi there! Still awaiting the arrival of My cricut! I have kind of a creative block if You will,since I know all the things I make will be even better with it! I also ordered the Close to My Heart Art Philosophy cartridge! Have You seen this?OMG,so Amazing! 700 shapes! AND You get 3 stamp sets(valued at 17.95 each!) And 3 dimensional chipboard shape sets! And they all coordinate with this cartridge!!! Tell Me I'm not excited!! If You wanna check it out visit My site posted here! In the meantime I made this box,that we of course carry too,with the Roxie paper!! And CTMH embellishments as well! Here's a pic,let Me know what You think!!

If You would Like to see the cricut cartridge and stamp sets,etc LOOK HERE!!

Also,I wanted to share with You this REALLY COOL Rock the Block special we are having!! Check out this video for an awesome demo!! Happy Crafting everyone!!

As always visit My site at