Friday, January 6, 2012

It's here!!!! So excited!!!

Hello all! Happy Friday!! It was for Me since My Cricut came finally!! I swear it seemed forever!! Got a couple of cartridges,but I am still anxiously awaiting My CTMH cart!! Then I will be able to cut out and stamp a ton of stuff that coordinate together!! WooHoo!! I know,I am a geek. But I LOVE this stuff! Anyone who has one can relate! I am so Happy!! Who knows what I will create! I made a couple of cow wall hangings for My son's room. The possibilities are endless!! Ok,I'll stop! Stay tuned for lots of pics to come! Here "she" is! I took this mid-cut...hehehe
Happy Cutting everyone!!!


  1. Just lost my whole comment...see I can still mess up on this dang computer!!! Well I was telling you how bad I was waiting for my Expression Cricut but worse when I won a Cricut Imagine machine from "Mr. Cricut Crazy" in Dec. Then I was REAllY bad, even went to my P.O. looking for it!!!!! Yikes. It took until Feb. before I got it. Their was a convention during Jan. that Tanner went to and he has been so busy with a new stamp release. I knew I would get it but I was so impatient...good grief. So I know how u were feeling. Now u must be having SO MUCH FUN!!! I too have the Art CTMH Cartridge so I know how great it is. Wish others knew too. I will and have been spreading the word around my crop group and stamping group. Hope to talk with u soon. Oh by the way how long does it take for my CTMH member stuff to come? It is paid for but I still have $100 worth of stuff to choose. Since I already have the Art cartridge. Plus I bought the two additional add-ons. Can u let me know please. Thanks ever so much and can not wait to meet you. Do not know how to upload pictures to my computer so that is why u have not seen my work yet. Maybe when we meet in person???? Always your downline, evette k. Ciampo

  2. Check Your email hun,I wrote You 2 of them!! Be patient,Your kit will come!! I know,it's never fast enough! I look forward to meeting You!! :O}} Heather