Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello!! It has been way too long! CTMH Convention,part1!

Hi there! I am sorry that I have been such a slacker! I wanted to give a recap of My Close to My Heart Convention experience!
Here We go...rewind back to July 10th,2012...
 So there I am,leaving the house at 9 am,Thank You Carmen for picking Me up!! We decide to drive about 2 1/2 hours to the Wilkes Barre/Scranton airport in PA. It was about 100+ dollars cheaper to fly from there. And for me,I like to save money! Also,We had the beauty of saving parking fees! Loved it! It honestly was the best thing We did! So ok,get to the airport...all is well,check bags,get a bite to eat. Go through security... All of a sudden... "Passengers on United airways flight blah blah blah has just been cancelled. Please go back to the check in counter for further insructions"... Carmen and I look at each other...WHAT?!?!  Soooo We go back(Her Mom,Nan,and Sam are still there like wth?) Wait on line of course... and they say it is a weather related cancellation! They re-route us to Chicago... 3 hours later.. Ughhh!! So We send Carmen's Mom,Nan and Sam on their way... I say,let's go to the bar! We get there and the bartender proceeds to tell us that there was a fire in a tower at the Newark airport..(Weather related?? They have now lied to us!) We have a few more drinks,and go back through security,and finally board the plane. Yeah...bus on wheels?? 50 passengers...I gotta say I am a little scared here! We do make it to Chicago Ohare,and realize,this is a BIG airport!! Sitting on the tarmac... They decide there are no gates available! AHHH!!! 45 minutes later... We finally find a gate. So we now realize we must hustle to the next gate! Get there,and have about,idk, a half hour till we board. Ahhhh... ready?? here goes the announcement... " The flight to Dallas is delayed about 2 and a half hours"... WHAT??  Long story short,We were supposed to arrive at 8:30pm...Didn't arrive till 2 am!!! The only good thing was,We found Sandy!! And 3 other girls who arrived at the same time. Saved on taxi! Checked into hotel at 3 am! Craaaazzy day!!! To be continued...

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